thedragonkeeper (thedragonkeeper) wrote in degrassi__sex,

I don't mean to bother anyone but I am new to this place and I just wanted to ask something about the season and some eps. I put the qustions behind a LJ cut since I didn't want anything to be a spoiler.

Alright I guess I am a little lost with the seasons. I haven't see some eps yt because sadly I have missed them but I am dying to see and know what has happened. First is first I seen that Dylan cheated on Marco. I haven't seen the ep but I want to know if the two shagged or not. I have heard so many things and then the two broke up. < I also heard that their relationship is really over and the actor who plays Dylan may be written out as Terri> I also heard Marco kisses another bloke to make Dylan jealous. I have heard it has been Jimmy or Craig o.O

I have also heard about two other eps called Accidents will happen or something about this. I hear Manny has become pregnant. Is this in season four ? Thank you all *blushes*
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